Polo School

May 30th - July 11th Wednesday evenings 6-8pm

Learn polo from start to finish! Our outstanding instructors will walk you through the basics, so you can be playing chukkers in no time! Sign up today!

Cost: $750 for the series. Horse leases available for $500 for the series (leased horses will arrive tacked and ready for polo).

Who can participate: Anyone aged 12 and up!

What do you need: Jeans or riding pants, close-toed heeled boots, and a riding helmet (loaner helmets available).

What will be provided: Mallets, tack for lease horses, other necessary polo equipment, and a FREE USPA membership.

What to expect: Each session will begin with begin with an unmounted session to practice holding the mallet and swinging it on the ground.  Next you will mount up and practice riding, hitting the ball, and even play in coaching chukkers.  Every session will end with an unmounted chalk-talk where you can learn the rules of the sport and ask questions about polo strategy.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to know how to ride?

No! Many people learn to play polo and ride at the same time, but it doesn't hurt if you do know how!

My horse has never played polo, can I bring him?

We do not recommend it for polo school.  It is best to learn a new sport on one of our seasoned ponies, but once you have some of the basics under your belt our club pro will be happy to work with you both!

Can I pay for sessions individually?

Unfortunately, no- it is our policy that polo school must be paid as a package.  If you would like to schedule additional lessons you are more than welcome to do so!